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Community in Unity

As an Empaths/HSPs (highly sensitive people) are you hungry for a safe, caring community; a place where others ‘get’ you, allowing you to share from your heart, be heard, feel the love and connection?

With open arms, I welcome you to Community In Unity.

You’ll receive guidance and support during these potent times of change, transformation and creation as we humans expand into a much higher consciousness.

Guided awakening– Community in Unity will feel like someone is holding your hand as you walk in the unknown.

As part of our weekly calls, you will receive two group healings a month to help remove blocks and to help your energies flow with more joyful and magical light.

If you can’t make the call, no worries!
The recording of our call will be sent to you to listen to at your convenience. It is a ‘living’ recording so all the information and healing energies will remain potent and supportive no matter when you tune in.

Community Gathering

We connect once a week for a community video call. I speak about the current energies that we are being faced with, as our New Earth is slowly emerging while the old paradigms are being dismantled.

Many of you are just beginning to ‘wake up’. Some of you are well established on your spiritual path. All of you are welcome and are a source of support for each other. 

You are given ways to work with the intense energies in order to best support yourself and help you flourish during these turbulent times.

I encourage and share ways to foster a deeper connection with the universal flow and Gaia, Mother Earth.

Since I work with so many highly sensitive people, there are teachings on how to feel safe and supported as a highly sensitive one. Just being part of our community helps calm the nervous system of the HSP.

Question and Answer Sessions

Community members are invited to ask me questions during the call. Questions can also be sent via email and I answer them on the calls.

Positive, Happy, Uplifting Shares

Community members are invited to share their wins from the week – success stories, personal empowerment moments, anything positive and uplifting.

Weekly Call + Group Healing

Every 2nd and 4th week of each month, as part of our weekly call, I give a group healing. I channel messages from Spirit, the North Star, bring through vibrational sound healing and more. All of this supports your body, balances the chakras, removes blocked energy and helps you thrive.

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Energy Exchange

$54/month, per Community member

  • Weekly, private Zoom sessions

  • Access to recorded sessions if you miss it

  • Group Healing every 2nd and 4th week of the month

  • Cancel at anytime (but surely you’ll enjoy the group!)

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