Today is the Solstice…

….the Longest Day of the Year!
There are traditions all over the world celebrating this day for many reasons. Here are few:

  • to simply honor the light
  • to remember how precious each day and season is
  • to appreciate gifts
  • to raise energy for healing
  • to re-align
  • to heal the earth
  • to remember we are all interconnect and all part of nature

Homework: Celebrate the light today!

  • Do a ritual/hold a ceremony to celebrate creativity or inspiration of new ideas and projects, sending energy to allow them to fully bloom
  • Enjoy the light! Go for a hike in nature, being really aware of the amazingness all around you
  • Set new intentions for the 2nd part of the year
  • Come to Your Senses
    One Soul Community is offering their July workshop: Sensorium of Delights. This playful, interactive exploration of the SEVEN SENSES (you’ll learn more!) will use the doorway of pleasure to enter the Soul.
    Saturday, July 11, 9:00-4:30 p.m.
    More information click HERE or contact Michelle @ 720-20-8960
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to the abundance of magic, miracles and inner peace,