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I matter! I am free to take up A LOT of space.

On Saturday in Boulder, we had yet another very transformative plant medicine ceremony!

The new land was magical!

The weather was spectacular and there was such amazing group cohesiveness.

As a medicine woman, I was guided to bring in lots of light language, drumming, offerings, ceremonial songs, hands-on healing, eye gazing, working with the fire, burning resins,  and tobacco offerings, all to help release, clear, move and activate the energies of the heart and soul.

One of the beautiful aspects of a group ceremony, is that we all directly and indirectly help each other with the manifestations of our intentions. And so often there is overlap. What one person gets, another one or two or three receive.

These are some of the healings, gifts, new awareness, and takeaways that came through:

  • I matter! I am free to take up A LOT of space.
  • I look so beautiful. I see the light in my eyes for the first time.
  • I’m honoring myself for being an empath. I realized the inner critic was so often about hating being an empath. Not doing that anymore.
  • Stop looking/searching & start serving. The time is now. Get out there and do something!
  • Feeling guilty I have access to healing, spirituality & tools that other family members don’t. So helpful to know this belief has been running things. Releasing a lot of grief around this. Still, more to do.
  • The onslaught of constant negative thoughts: I’m not enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not loveable, etc has CEASED.
  • Healing the mother wound – the mom who should have protected her but didn’t…forgiveness.
  • Healing the patriarchal lineage – how scary men can be. As a father, I’m going to do things differently with my sons.
  • And so much more!

With the theme around July 4th, give yourself permission to set yourself free of the drama and trauma so that you can embrace & embody you.

The divine teachers are masters at helping you do that.

If you have been feeling the call, or are curious about these divine plant medicines, I’ve got 2 more one-day retreats in Boulder on July 27 and August 24.
Feel free to respond to this email for more info or to register.

I hope you had a fab 4th of July and may the fun and festivities carry into your weekend.