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Want to Get Out of Your Own Way? Plant Medicines to the Rescue!

For the past few months, a particular plant medicine was calling me, very gently, very lovingly. It just kept showing up in different ways, calling me.

Finally, in a very serendipitous way, the actual ceremony day presented.

My schedule was open and trusting that it had called me, I dove in. My intention, as it has been since the call from the divine mother, was: to continue my womb awakening and embodiment of the sacred feminine.

As I received the medicine, I opened my heart wide, let go of control and asked my mind to fully surrender. As with any plant medicine, the more you can let go, the more you can receive from these divine teachers.

However, this is easier said than done! But the more you can let go, the more the plant medicines can take you to places that you can’t imagine, receiving so much healing, rebirth, activations, and new perspectives.

Wowza, I really did go, fully into the ceremony with an open heart and surrendered to whatever was in my highest good.

The ceremony itself was impactful, but the integration process has been beyond impactful! Pretty much every day, I am brought back into the medicine’s teachings, being asked to embody them, live them…otherwise, what is the point of it all.

If you’re feeling the call for something gentle, I have a Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony with shamanic journey this weekend in Boulder June 22, 10-1 PM in collaboration with the fabulous Jill Emich of Shine Community Living.

And if you’re feeling a call to something a bit more potent, I have a Plant Medicine Ceremony on June 29 in Boulder.

I also have in person sessions on offer whilst in Boulder. I have a few more openings this Thur. 20 (summer solstice!) & Friday 21 / Monday 24 & Tues. 25.

You can send an email ( if any of those interest you and I  look forward to seeing some of my Boulder peeps soon!

Infinite Blessings,