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Can you imagine being held in a loving, caring, supportive, sisterhood circle for three days?

That is what just transpired in our women’s plant medicine retreat: Unlock the Treasures in Your Womb.

Goddess and Womb rituals/ceremonies, plant medicines, women feeling seen, heard, and witnessed all helped these transformations and transfigurations and so many more!

Unlock the Treasures in Your Womb.

Women see me in my joy and ecstasy and it may uplift them

The arrival of the Mother Fire Dragon Spirit – very powerful and activating my inner fire and passion

You are so f*^king beautiful

Always taught to sit still in a plant medicine ceremony. Loved the freedom to move about

Menopause is part two, a re-awakening, a whole blank page for you to create what you want

Deeply comforted with other sisters

When you stomped, it gave me permission to yell and stomp too, releasing the deep-rooted anger.

I’m grateful for Helen getting in my face to help me, the panther in a cage, to release herself.

I’m a nature, wild woman

Such an honor to lead a retreat of this kind with @julie.k.wood, witnessing and supporting all the powerful transformations.

If you’d like to know when the next women’s retreat is, just respond, ‘Women Power’ and we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, a 2-day Plant Medicine Retreat May 4-5, in Taos, NM open to women & men. See link for more info.

Sending many blessings,