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What is Womb Power?⁣

By March 6, 2024Womb Healing

What comes to mind when you think about your womb?⁣

Not much? That was certainly me, pre-womb awakening.⁣

I’ve been asking lots of women this question and many say: don’t think about it, ick, shame, it’s just an organ, don’t have one – had a hysterectomy, dirtiness, traumatized, feel objectified….⁣
There has been a lot of conscious, societal programming by the patriarchy over 1000’s of years to purposely have women feel this way about themselves.⁣
Why? Because they know the womb is a woman’s power center and they want to keep the power over.⁣

So what is Womb Power exactly?⁣

🌟Intuition…the intuition is 100% feminine energy and most doubt it/can’t hear it/don’t trust it⁣
🌟Knowing your desires…most women don’t have any idea what their desires are⁣
🌟Grounded in your body…many ‘leave’ the body due to flight, fight or freeze.⁣
🌟Listening to your body…many ignore the symptoms that their body is ‘screaming’ at them⁣
🌟Sacred boundaries…many can’t hold boundaries out of fear⁣
and much more.⁣
With the sacred feminine rising, it’s time to consciously connect and consciously activate the womb!⁣
Can you imagine what life will be like:⁣
🌷when you can fully trust your intuition to guide you on the right path?⁣
🌷when you know what your desires are, ask for them and have them fulfilled?⁣
🌷when you stay fully grounded in your body, in your temple 24/7 so that feel you balanced and centered⁣
🌷when you listen to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs instead of pushing through… you will feel so much better.⁣
🌷when you hold firm boundaries that bring on a sense of power and well-being⁣
These are some of the areas we are going to be exploring in our upcoming Women’s plant medicine retreat: Unlock the Treasures in Your Womb, March 22-24 in Taos, NM. Click here to learn more.⁣