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Are You Choosing Fear over Love?

By February 28, 2024Healing, Womb Healing

There’s so much going on in the world bringing fear, dismay, hopelessness, anger, and all the feels.

And I don’t know anybody who’s not going through a big shift right now in their own life. It’s intense, to say the least!

You might be thinking, ‘How is humanity ever going to turn all of this around?’

Good news! There is something you can do.

As a daily practice, you can choose to stay in the lane of love, instead of closing your heart.

For example, you’re interacting with someone and they get triggered. You can sense they’ve shut down their heart. What many of us do is match their energy. You might drop into the negative emotions or move away from them.

Try Something Different

Be the bigger person and say to yourself, ‘No, I’m not dropping my vibration. I keep my heart open; stay in the lane of love.’

Try addressing the issue with compassion. Work with it. Give feedback. State how that person’s words or actions are affecting you. Go to the root immediately and see if you can bring both of you back into an open-heart state.

“Love Heals All” has become a cliche in our current society but it’s true.

By choosing to stay in the lane of love, it can have an amazing impact that reaches far and wide.

With the massive evolutionary shift humanity is going through when just a small percentage of people choose the lane of love, there is a collective squaring of the energy that exponentially raises the vibration for all. Let’s do this!

And if you’re a woman reading this, your heart is directly linked to your womb. It’s your portal so if you’d like to access more of your Goddess-given treasures within that no one is telling you about, consider joining us for Unlock the Treasures in Your Womb Retreat, March 22 – 24th in Taos, NM

Many blessings,