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Waking Up the Dormant Sacred Feminine⁣⁣

This past weekend, Julie and I went into a plant medicine ceremony together, once again. Our intentions were to deepen our exploration into Womb Awakening and what we are being guided to bring forth for others.⁣⁣

A theme popped immediately: waking up the dormant sacred feminine that lies within us all, men included.⁣⁣

The powers that be have done much to subvert the gifts of the feminine and continue to do so.⁣⁣
However the sleeping dragon has been poked, and there is no stopping her from rising.⁣⁣
But as she rises, so does the not-so-pretty side of her. It comes up to be seen, acknowledged, worked with, and integrated, such as being:⁣⁣
😔Over giving⁣⁣
😔People pleasing⁣⁣
As we work with these areas, then the balanced qualities of the sacred feminine listed below can flourish.⁣⁣
🌟Changing the flow of emotions⁣⁣
We then become a great source to help balance and bring back into interconnectedness, the feminine and masculine.⁣⁣
If any of these speak to you, start working with them. Bring more awareness to make different choices, take different actions, respond, and use your tools.⁣⁣
Need support with it?⁣⁣
You can set up a Spirit Reiki, join our Plant Medicine Ceremony happening Feb. 24-25 or Unlock Your Womb Treasures Retreat, March 22-24 in Taos, NM.⁣⁣
And don’t worry, I will speak about balancing the masculine energies next week.
Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash