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I Got Married in Costa Rica! To Myself, Mrs. Knight!

I’m back from Costa Rica where I had a very magical, mystical, rejuvenating time.

Little did I know that on my second to last day, I would marry myself! Oh plant medicines, they are such amazing, divine teachers!

I planned to do a ceremony whilst down there, expecting to do it with a group, but in the end, I was guided to do my own.

I had some very powerful questions going into the ceremony:

How can I have more courage to love myself?
How can I be more naked and vulnerable, more surrendered?
How can I trust more in the power of life running through my womb?
What do I need to stop trying to control?
What do I think I own that I can set free?

In the first half of the ceremony, the plant medicines guided me through very deep and powerful cleansing and clearing. Somewhere in there, they said, ‘And today is going to be your wedding day, where you marry yourself!’.

They had me change my dress, put on jewelry, perfume, and make-up (quite challenging when you’re high on medicine😆), do my hair, choose my wedding ring, gather my bouquet of flowers, and of course write my vows.

From my initial five questions, birthed my vows.

It was quite funny trying to write whilst journeying deeply! I kept messing up but of course, that was all part of the plan. I rewrote them five times, each time they became more polished and refined. This is what I committed to:

💗I have the courage, the passion to love myself, no matter what, deeply, madly, truly.

💗I am naked, vulnerable, constantly surrendering to love.

💗I trust the immense infinite, magical power of life that flows through my womb.

And at the end of the ceremony, they said, ‘And tomorrow is your honeymoon at Rio Chirripo’. It’s a boutique hotel where you can get a day pass to enjoy all the amenities. I had planned that for my last day before heading home. Oh, the divine orchestration of it all!

Now I walk the path of fully embodying true self-love.

Oh, the divine, plant medicine teachers! I am beyond grateful for this gift and all that they have taught me over the years and continue to teach me and my clients.

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To magic and miracles,

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