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Curious about Microdosing?

By January 23, 2024Micro-dosing

Curious about microdosing and how it can help with having a sense of well-being?

Want to find the protocol and amount that is the sweet spot that works for you?

There is a lot out there about microdosing so it can be hard to know what is right for you.

We are all different. What works for one person, could be very different from what works for you.

This is why I teach intuitive microdosing.

It’s an experiential class, with lots of hand-holding. I guide you based on your results so that you can find the flow and amount that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

We start next Monday 1/29 at 6 PM MT.

Click HERE if you’d like to learn more.

Have questions? Respond to this email with your questions.

Many blessings,


🌟If you need further support, happy to set up a Spirit Reiki Healing session for you. Or come join our Plant Medicine Ceremony in Taos on Feb. 24-25.