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New offering! Womb Awakening

By January 16, 2024Healing, Reiki

As I have been hinting about in the past few newsletters, there is a new direction that Dreamtime Healings is going in: Womb healing, womb awakening, womb magic.

Treasures in your womb that nobody is talking about!

This week, even though I’m still on vacation in Costa Rica, I gave my first, remote, Womb Healing.

I went into it not really sure what was going to unfold, but trusted the process.

Wow! In the end, I got the intuitive message that I must start offering these. Two seconds later, the woman I was giving it to, said ‘This is truly amazing. You must start offering this!’.

When was the last time you thought of your womb lovingly?

Most women don’t think of their womb other than when they have their moon cycle, want to get pregnant, or are pregnant.

However, it wasn’t always like this. In the times before the patriarch, the feminine was deeply honored and revered, as was the womb. Over thousands and thousands of years of patriarchy, the feminine holocaust happened, including that of Mother Earth, bringing us to where we are today.

The good news is though, the Divine Feminine is on the rise, and she is asking us to do inner healing to access the treasures within.

The womb contains such life force and creative and magnetizing energies. As you align with your beautiful womb, your intuition, ancient wisdom, creativity, power and so much, begin to come online.

But first, there has to be acknowledgment, an uncovering, and healing of wounds to the feminine, sexual trauma, shame, and disease in the womb.

Hence, my new Womb Magic Healing is now an offer.

If any of this resonates, respond with ‘Womb Magic’ using the Contact Us form.


Many sunny, warm blessings from beautiful Costa Rica!



🌟I will be back in the office on January 22 if you need support. Happy to set up a Spirit Reiki Healing session for you. Or come join our Plant Medicine Ceremony in Taos on Feb. 24-25.

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