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Hello from Costa Rica!

By January 11, 2024Reiki

Over a year ago, I received guidance in a reading that Costa Rica would help me fully embrace the divine feminine, my dharma this lifetime.

I don’t take this sort of thing like it’s written in stone or give away my power to it.

I don’t take this sort of thing like it’s written in stone or give away my power to it. Instead, I take notes and then explore the guidance.

So last January, I went to the north of Costa Rica and discovered that definitely was not my area!

However, by divine orchestration, I met a lovely couple who had just come from the Chirripo mountain area. They raved about it and were moving there. There was an open invitation to visit them if I decided to come back to Costa Rica.

Well, that has happened! Spirit nudged me back. I’ve been in the mountain area for six days and it’s magical!

Deep, restorative rest, relaxation, and creativity are on the menu. ‘Why?’ you might ask.

There is a new direction happening with Dreamtime Healings.….and Spirit is saying: don’t rush. Everything has a cycle. It’s time to decompress, rest, and stop doing. Be.

I am pregnant with this new creation/direction….(hint- it has something to do with the divine feminine: womb power 🤩).

Way too often, we don’t give ourselves enough time/ permission to BE. This is very feminine energy. Action and doing is the masculine. Both have a time and place.

The new earth that humanity is being invited to create is about having a balance between the two.

I have another 10 days here.

I am to move slowly, follow the light, and let the magic unfold! So far, so amazing!

I shared this as an invitation to you to find time for rest, relaxation, downtime, fun, play, creativity, pleasure, excited innocence, and being.

You can create this in your day, make a weekend out of it, or take a longer stent of time. Notice what happens when you recharge your batteries, do less, and bring more balance between your feminine and masculine.

Pura Vida!

To magic and miracles,



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