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How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

Better yet, let’s talk about how you can lower it.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season and are prepping for the new year just around the corner!

I have an invitation to all of you to set your New Year’s resolution around the reduction of judgment.

Many people ask how they can raise their vibration, but this question is actually answered more easily by talking about ways that we lower it.

The ego is always quick to judge: judge others, judge oneself, judge a situation, etc.

Judgment. Judgment. Judgment.
That is the quickest way to lower your vibration.

The judgment you have of somebody else, a situation or yourself; all of that judgment energy passes through your body first. You are hit with that negative energy, lowering your vibration immediately. If it goes on long enough, it will start showing up in the physical body as ailments.

So this is an invitation to become hyper-vigilant of the ego and its tendency to judge, being righteous, my way is the only way, critical, superior, etc.

Here’s a practice for you to ‘play’ with this. When you catch yourself judging, you can say: ‘Cancel. Clear. Delete. to clear out your judgment, thoughts or words.’. Then send that person, situation or yourself, some love and light from your heart.

Next, take up a new position, become the Observer, rather than the judge.

Create a new perspective, that is free of judgment. Bring in a new thought, for example:

If you are witnessing an argument happening in your space, instead of judging it as being too loud, horrible to listen to etc., you could think, ‘I prefer to be in quiet, peaceful  environments.’.

If someone cuts you off, whilst you’re driving, be the observer. Instead of saying nasty things about that person, be the Observer and think something like, ‘I prefer driving on roads where drivers are vigilant.’.

If you see somebody walking down the road, wearing something that immediately the ego judges and thinks it’s hideous, or very ugly, Cancel. Clear. Delete the judgmental thoughts and create a new thought such as, ‘I prefer clothes that are different colors.’.

Since we were little, we have grown up in families, schools and a society that judges so this will be a ‘play in progress’. It will take some time to change this very ingrained habit. Be gentle with yourself. But know that as you increase your awareness, the judgments will reduce, and your vibration will increase!

As your vibration increases, watch the magical experiences that start flowing into your world.

Have fun with it!


Many blessings,


~words inspired by the Council, channeled by Sara Landon

~Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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