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New Moon-Set a new intention!

The new moon was last night at 4:32 PM MT and so we are still very much in its potent energies. This is a great time to set a new intention.

Is there something bubbling up within you, guiding you to do something different? Is boredom setting in?

As we continue our great awakening of humanity, many of us are not resonating with our own personal status quo.

The astrology, the frequencies of Mother Earth, the solar flares, the rising consciousness, are all nudging us, sometimes pushing us, to make some big shifts.

Yet we are human. We like our comfort zone. We want things to feel safe, known, and familiar, even if it is not pleasing to our hearts / our souls. The unknown is perceived as very scary to many.

Yet, all of this new energy is unknown to humanity. It’s like we are being asked to walk in the dark without a flashlight, only using our intuition to guide us in the right direction.

Because of these big energies, this past weekend, I dove deep into a plant medicine ceremony to discover what the bubble-up is. I could feel it. I could sense it but I didn’t know what it was.

Wowza, within an hour, an inner activation started. It carried on for six hours: clearing, releasing uncovering, and activating some very deep magic hidden within.

The head of this ‘new baby’ finally birthed by the end of ceremony. It’s very exciting! There is a new direction that Dreamtime Healings will be taking next year. I will share once the new baby is completely birthed.🤩

So this is an invitation to reflect on what’s coming up in your life right now. Is there a new direction? Does a job, a relationship, or a living situation need to come to an end so that something else can emerge?

Noticed the areas where you’re comfortable but not happy. Meditate on it. Ask to receive guidance through your dreams. Ask your spirit team for guidance. Then keep your eye out for the creative ways Spirit brings in the responses.

Be willing to get uncomfortable and let the magic be revealed.

Infinite Blessings,

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