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Ascension Symptoms are Real!

I have been sharing about the massive surges of celestial blue light that we received in Nov. on three separate dates. They continue but more like a light sprinkle of rain.

What is this Energy Supporting us with?

It’s like a customized energy, awakening consciousness, that interacts with everyone differently. It reveals things that you have hidden within you.

It can increase your self-confidence, self-love, and empathy help balance your feminine/masculine essence, expand your intuition, clear karma, illusions, limiting beliefs, heal trauma, help us get out of our way, and raise our vibration. How good is that!

And it’s a lot and intense! You might be feeling this energetically in all sorts of different ways as ascension symptoms. For example: headaches, uncontrollable eating, insomnia, needing to sleep way more, being a hermit, getting sick, to name a few.

You might also be noticing a deeper awakening in your spiritual path. I certainly am.
I was guided into a morning routine that consists of pranayama breathing, sun gazing, meditation, and then the light language channels in for anywhere for 20 minutes. My whole body is buzzing by the end of it! My energy is definitely shifting. I don’t know where it’s all going, but I keep following breadcrumbs.

So, if any of this resonates, the guidance is to really take December to integrate all this potent energy as things will ramp up again at the beginning of Jan.

A couple of tips to help the integration process are to be social, even though you might be feeling like being alone. Get out and be with your favorite peeps!

If you are needing more sleep, do not resist that. Sleep is a time when your body can really recharge. If you have insomnia, see if you can take small cat naps throughout the day.

Hydrate really well with good water, ideally spring water. Add a pinch of Celtic salt as this is key to actually getting the water into your cells.

Get creative.

It doesn’t matter what that is: baking bread, quilting, photography, cooking, creating an indoor garden, coloring, singing or writing. This has nothing to do with being an amazing artist. This is just about letting your creativity flow and we all have a creative flow.

These are just a few suggestions. They will help all of you integrate and ground as the celestial blue light continues to work with you.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with it, feel free to reach out for a Spirit Reiki Healing session.

Sending infinite blessings,

~ words inspired by Nancy Rebecca

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