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White Buffalo and Sacred Geometry!

Are you experiencing anything after the three, huge transmissions of celestial blue light that came into the Mesas on the Hopi land in Arizona?

They came through on 11/4, 11/18, and 11/25 all in support of the awakening and evolution of our human consciousness, to leave behind the 3D of separation and move into the 5D where peace, love, and joy reign.

I was in a plant medicine ceremony on each of those days and all of them were very potent.
However, ceremony on 11/25 now ranks as #1 as the most magical experience thus far with the plant medicines!

My intention was to balance my masculine and feminine energies. Within an hour, I was guided to drum and channel the light language. There was a lot of Native American energy present.

From my house, I can see the Taos Pueblo. I was called to align my energy with it as well as Taos Mountain and the other mountains around me.

Then I looked up into the sky, into the clouds, and saw that they were turning into sacred geometry!

I couldn’t believe it!

I thought it was because of the medicine but the message was, ‘No, this is what the vibration of your drumming, and the light language does to nature, to the clouds, to people. We wanted to show you a visual so you could really get it.’ Wow!

I still didn’t totally believe it and took a break as the energy was so intense. The minute I stopped drumming and singing, the clouds looked completely normal again. Oh, my goddess!

After a drink, they called me back to do some more light language and drumming for the clouds. Once again, the sacred geometry formed in them! Wowza! They were determined to show me what the drum and the light language were doing!

And then, to tap it off, a massive buffalo head formed in the clouds, right above the Taos Pueblo! More wow!

I was then guided to get my pipe from my alter which I have only used once. Normally I smoke big cigarettes to clear and share the prayer in ceremony. I had to light it and walk all over the land, rattling, and sharing the smoke with the elements.

The Next Day

As I started my integration process, I looked up what Buffalo represents: prayer and abundance, and it’s very much tied to the White Buffalo Calf woman who brought the sacred pipe to the Native Americans.

So their belief is, that when the White Buffalo appears, in this case formed in the white clouds, it is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe is being honored, and that the promises of prophecy are being fulfilled. White buffalo signals a time of abundance and plenty.’~ quote by Jamie Sam, and David Carson.

The pipe also represents the masculine and the feminine coming together, which brings the connection to the divine energy of the Great Spirit. This is in total alignment with my intention!

Blown away!

I share this as an example of the power plant medicine ceremonies, as well as a reminder to be aware of any subtle or big shifts that are happening in your world. The celestial blue light came through to really support us, help us out let go of limiting beliefs, and up level into an exciting new version of ourselves. These energies will continue for quite some time.

Sending much love and light,


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⭐Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash