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Our Ancestors Can Be Helpful or a Hindrance

Your ancestors are with you, whether you like it or not. You are part of their lineage. They are part of your lineage, whichever way you want to look at it.

Just because they leave the physical realm, doesn’t mean that they are gone from your energetic field.

So if you have had a beautiful relationship with a family member,

they will most likely join your spirit team to inspire, guide, love, and support you.

And if you had a challenging relationship and you are relieved when they are finally gone, take care, as they can still be entangled, heavy in your energy field.

So when there has been hardship, trauma, cruelty, abuse, betrayal, etc with a family member, it’s very powerful if you can get to a place of neutrality with them. This is very powerful work to do whilst they are still alive but it can also be done once they’ve passed on.

That’s why for the past two years, I have been doing a lot of deep, inner work, shadow work with my relationship with my mom. I always said she was my #1 teacher.

Forgiveness, compassion, healing the wound of rejection, realization, and acceptance of people’s different levels of consciousness and awareness, fully embodying that things happen for me, not to me, learning to hold strong boundaries, speaking my truth, embodying my power, have all been the gifts that have emerged from doing this deep work with my relationship with my mom.

My mom recently passed on and I’m truly at peace.

I share this so that if you have a relative with whom you have a challenging relationship or one whom you are not yet at peace with even though they’ve passed on, I encourage you to do some inner work to heal those wounds so that you and they can find neutrality and peace. This is beautiful work for future generations as well.

If you feel stuck, don’t know how to even begin to do this inner work, and/or the ego/mind says ‘No way, they hurt me, etc.’, reach out for support. Through Spirit Reiki Healing sessions or in our potent Plant Medicine Ceremonies, we can help heal and unite your ancestors. Our next one is November 18-19 and February 24-25 in Taos.

Here’s to strengthen your spirit team with all your well ancestors.

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