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Day of the Dead

By November 2, 2023November 3rd, 2023Healing, Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/ Empaths

Today being the Day of the Dead, it’s a good day to talk about death, a topic that isn’t spoken about much or for very long. Yet if we can get to a place of acceptance/peace that we will all die eventually, trusting that we are just leaving the density of the body, that our spirit carries on, then the fear of it, looses its grip.

Death is in the forefront of my heart...

…as my mom passed last week at the fine age of 87. She was very ready to go but yet had a lot of fear around death. As she prepared, I asked quite a few people to hold her in love, compassion and light.

When someone is getting ready to transition, it’s very powerful to do this as these energies support them and can ease their anxiety of dying, making the whole transitioning process much easier, more peace filled.

And yet there are some, like the father of one of my clients, who said he was so ready to get out of here, planned his celebration of life gathering while he was still alive, and then passed a few days later.

What a master! That’s the way I’m going to go!

Once a person dies, it’s takes about three days for them to fully transition back to the ocean of love. It is very supportive for the soul to be surrounded with more love, light, compassion as they journey.

When my mom passed, I made offerings including some of her favorite food and drink, kept a candle burning 24/7, connected with her, holding her hand, telling her I was with her the whole way. I asked  my ancestors to wait for her, to receive her upon her arrival.

I asked friends and family to continue  to hold her in their prayers, more love, more light to ensure her journey home. All of this helps to ensure that they make the full journey back home because if they don’t, ancestors can weigh heavily in our energy fields.

Your ancestors are part of your spirit team.

You  can ask them for support and guidance at any time. And when you remember to honor them, they show up even more powerful for you.

So on a day like today, it’s a great to pay your respects to your ancestors. Some of you have been in my plant medicine ceremonies and know that we are all about making offerings to the spirit realm and to our ancestors. It’s so potent.

Take some time today to revere and make offerings to your ancestors. Connect with the past, go beyond your senses. Even though most people can’t see them, our ancestors are with us and amongst us.

You can light candles, put out photos of them, flowers, make some of their favorite dishes and invite them to come and nourish themselves. They will eat the essence of the dish. And if you want to eat it afterwards, you might notice it actually lost some of its flavor.😉 They will appreciate all these acts of love and kindness.
Happy Day of the Dead!



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