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It matters! Your Beauty, Radiance, Divine Feminine⁣⁣

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Many are feeling anger, hopelessness, confusion, dismay, or all of the above.⁣⁣

When we add our resistance to what is happening, we feed the fire of the old paradigm.

This is not about dismissing what we are feeling, grieving, or experiencing.⁣⁣
However, there is something we can all do to counter these energies of the old paradigm. Remember, we are in the Great Awakening of humanity, being given an opportunity to do things differently.⁣⁣
Many of you are all about reclaiming and embodying your power. And contrary to the common belief, the divine feminine within each of us is very powerful⁣.⁣
How so? The feminine creates life, beauty, and magic. This is an invitation to create things that are irresistibly beautiful, to bring your radiance, your heart.⁣⁣
Nourish yourself, your families, communities, and relationships with beauty, love, and grace.⁣⁣

This is the power of the divine feminine.

How can you bring/create beauty in the world?⁣⁣

✨Make music and sing⁣⁣
✨Create art⁣⁣
✨Make love⁣⁣
✨Create devotional practices⁣⁣
✨Cook, bake, and share with others⁣⁣
✨Pick flowers & make a stunning flower arrangement⁣⁣
✨Make offerings⁣⁣
✨Women, dress as the goddess you are⁣⁣
✨Write poetry⁣⁣
✨Put on your favorite tunes and dance your booty off⁣⁣
✨Watch the sunrise/sunset⁣⁣
✨Expand your gratitude⁣⁣
✨Buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself and/or another⁣⁣
Open your heart, and rise into your highest vibration possible.⁣⁣
Let’s match all the pain that our collective consciousness is experiencing with an equal amount of beauty, love, grace, and compassion. Watch what happens!⁣⁣
This is the new way. Divided we fall; together we rise. Let’s be part of the latter. Keep creating beauty at any given opportunity.⁣⁣

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