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Receiving is the name of the game!

If you are reading this, you are most likely on your spiritual path, wanting to grow, expand and evolve, doing lots of things to support this process.

And did you know that one of the easiest ways is through receiving?

Yet most of us are not very good at receiving due to much of the patriarchal programming.

So this is an invitation to start exploring and practicing, receiving, receiving and receiving some more.

Here are some questions to reflect upon:

How good are you willing to let things get?

What if you can have everything you want and that is ok?

How willing are you to expand and receive beyond your wildest dreams?

How BIG are you willing to receive in these areas:



  1. There is no need to reciprocate when you receive. Receive graciously and your whole energy field expands.
  2. Feeling guilty is a very low vibration, which counteracts the act of receiving abundantly.
  3. Bring gratitude for the magic of the abundance and your expanding ability to receive.

Here’s a little ‘recipe’ to help you open more to receiving:
~ I soften
~ I open
~ I allow
~ I receive

The acronym, SOAR, can help you remember.

Learning to receive is a process. The more awareness you bring to it, the more it activates within you, and becomes more natural.

Many of you are all about being more in your divine feminine. Receiving is one of the number one aspects of the divine feminine. May this give you even more motivation to fine-tune your receiving powers!

Infinite blessings,

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