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Solar Eclipse This Saturday in USA!

By October 11, 2023October 19th, 2023Micro-dosing, Plant Medicine Ceremony
A big solar eclipse happening in the US this Saturday! It’s traveling from Oregon, southeast to Texas. Here in Taos, we will see about 90% of it!⁣

The country where the eclipse is happening is most affected by the energies.

Plus, the states that are in the pathway where 90-100% of the eclipse is seen, the energies are felt even more so. New Mexico is one of them. That is why I’m holding a plant medicine ceremony this weekend! (A few spots are still open.)⁣
Themes of the Solar Eclipse ⁣
⁣Here are some of the themes to be aware of, so that you can meditate and work with them as they most likely will pop up somewhere in your world.⁣
The biggie is death and rebirth. For new beginnings, the old has to be left behind or released.⁣
⁣This is particularly aligned with relationships. Ponder on what parts of yourself can’t go with you into the new⁣.
⁣Have a look at romantic and work relationships that are no longer serving your highest good. This eclipse energy will help you say goodbye if needed. You can’t take them with you into the new.⁣

And if you can do this, the eclipse energies will help align you with more sovereignty, collaboration, harmony, and balance.⁣

Another theme is truth. What is your truth and are you aligning to it? If not, why not?⁣
These energies will help you have more clarity or give you the nudge or push to align with your truth. Listen to your heart, not your mind.⁣
The eclipse energies are inviting you to slow down, and have soulful conversations with yourself and with others.⁣
The more you can do this, especially this weekend and into the next few weeks, the more you will benefit from the eclipse energy.⁣
There is also the option to claim more of your gifts and align with your destiny, and your personal power.⁣
The eclipse energies will continue for the next six months or so, so keep these themes in your awareness. The more you work with them the more you’re going get out of this. It’s all part of our big awakening!⁣
– Words inspired by Sabrina Lynn⁣
– Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

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