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I’m NOT a Singer!

I’m not a singer! This is the light language that was activated in a ceremony six years ago.

I had a vision of a massive cobra head with its mouth open. I was invited to walk into it. And then the next thing I knew my mouth opened, and this ‘strange’ sound started channeling through.

I didn’t have a clue what it was especially as it was a much lower tone than in this video.

Honestly, I sounded more like a man!

Because of this, I was a little embarrassed when it would activate and channel through in healing sessions, randomly at home or in nature.

However, the feedback from my clients gave me faith to trust that whatever this was, it was a good thing!

They expressed that they had emotional releases, felt strong vibrations of love/joy through their bodies, and felt healing energy so I trusted and knew even though I didn’t understand it, the sound vibrations were doing something good.

It has evolved over the years. I now understand the lower tones, and higher tones, and this one, in the video, I call my opera voice!

It’s extremely high vibration.

It’s powerful sound healing that is activated during my Spirit Reiki session and in my ceremonies. The light beings that sing through me are of the highest intention. It’s love.

During my recent trip to Sedona, we did lots of hikes in nature and discovered several vortices.

The light language was activated on two occasions. In this location, because I was sandwiched between two massive boulders, the acoustics were off the charts!

This is one of my gifts of being an HSP/Empath. I share this so that if you have an unusual gift, emerging, please let it emerge, no matter how odd it might seem. The world needs your magic.

If you need support in drawing out your gifts, feel free to book a session with me.

Or come to one of our ceremonies and see if it activates then! We have a few spots left for ceremony this weekend Sept. 30 in Boulder, CO See you link for more info.

Infinite blessings,


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