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Guess What I Got Last Week?

When I moved to Taos back in October 2020, the plant medicine I serve, told me I would get a new drum there.

I scuffed at the idea because I had made the drum that I was using and I was very happy with it.

However, when I walked into Earth and Spirit Gallery in Taos, and picked up a drum, the light language immediately activated. It was a very clear guidance that this was to be my new drum. Sheri Uberchel had painted a beautiful hawk on it.

It was a big up-leveling, learning to work with the spirit of the drum in my healing sessions and ceremonies.

Oftentimes the drum plays me instead of me playing the drum as it channels the beat that is required for the healing or ceremony.

Over the past three years, it’s gotten a lot of wear and tear.

Recently it got a big tear on the front. It still works but I am known to really pound on my drum! I couldn’t take the chance of it ripping mid-ceremony. It was also a very clear sign, it was time for a new drum.

I tuned into Taos Mt. to find out what the new image for my drum would be. The mountain has shown me so many different faces within the mountain and one of them is a lioness.

I was driving back home one day, looking at the mountain at the lioness and the message came in to paint a lioness on my new drum.

However, I wanted a lion as well to represent the divine masculine with the divine feminine and this is the magic that unfolded.

I commissioned Shari to paint them for me.

I didn’t want real-life colors of lions. I love bright colors as does Shari. She painted the lions representing the divine feminine and masculine in unity. I absolutely love it!

I received it just before my plant medicine ceremony in Taos recently so it was a perfect time to initiate it.

Wowza! It brought in beautiful medicine for everyone in ceremony. This is my fourth drum and it seems there’s always an upleveling with each one.

I’m excited to grow and develop my relationship with this new, fabulous drum.

Infinite blessing,


⭐There are upcoming Plant Medicine Ceremonies happening in Boulder, CO on September 30 and Taos, NM on November 18-19.

Learn more about it HERE.