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Flight canceled = No Assistant!

This past weekend I had a plant medicine ceremony retreat in Taos.

I spent Friday preparing the medicines and the many things needed for a ceremony retreat.

I was done by the end of the day, ready to relax and get a good night’s sleep to be up bright and early.

Most of the participants were arriving Friday night as they were coming from afar: Steamboat, Boulder, southern NM, and as far away as Austin, TX!

So… when I received a text from Joanna, who was to be my assistant, flying in that night from NJ, to say that she had been sitting on the plane for two hours, and they just announced that they were canceling the flight, my heart dropped, missed a few beats…Oh, my goodness!

I can’t lead a ceremony without an assistant.

When I got the text, I was standing in the room with Emma, my dear friend of 31 years, visiting for three weeks from England.

She had been very excited to participate in ceremony again after experiencing ceremony with me last year for the first time. I specifically planned the ceremony to take place while she was here so she could participate.

However… when she heard the news, she didn’t miss a beat and simply said,

‘Well, it looks like I will be your assistant.’

Wowza! So much gratitude to Emma for stepping in like this! And wow, did she show up as a radiant assistant, especially having never held this role before!

She assisted me and supported the participants throughout our plant medicine ceremony with so much joy, love, and delight.

She said it was an honor, and she wouldn’t have changed anything.

So grateful to you, Emma, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Moral of the story: I always tell my clients to be aware of what shows up before the ceremony, especially the week before as it can bring teachings, learnings, and gifts that might be highlighted in ceremony.

The medicines seem to enjoy, giving me VERY last-minute lessons like this!

My learning: when things look like they are going pear-shaped, trust the divine orchestration of it all and have a knowingness that it will all work out.

Infinite blessings,


⭐There are upcoming Plant Medicine Ceremonies happening in Boulder, CO on September 30 and Taos, NM on November 18-19. Click HERE for more information.⁣