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Need a 5 min. Break From the Inner Critic?

Rainbow magic in the Sky!

During our integration call on Monday, the topic of the inner critic came up, and some of the coping strategies were: having the TV and radio on all the time in the house and in the car, hiking, and listening to a podcast, music, or audiobook.

All of this is to tune out the inner noise.

However, stillness is the access point. If we desire to hear our heart and our spirit, we have to create quiet time.

This can be scary initially, particularly if the inner critic is loud.

But here’s some encouragement. Start by taking baby steps: five mins. of meditation, five mins. of breath work, or 10 mins. of yoga. You can find videos online, sessions online, or in person.

Another one is to lie down and focus on relaxing your body, every muscle in your body from head to toe. Take big breaths, exhaling any of the noise. Do this for five minutes.

It feels amazing to let your body fully relax!

Also, start reducing the noise around you. Try hiking without the audiobook going. Drive to work without the radio on for at least 5 mins. Come into the house after work and have five or 10 minutes before you turn on the TV or the radio.

This is just a beginning point. Once your heart and spirit get a taste of this quiet time, it will crave more. It will be easier to do any of the activities for 10 mins. then 15 and then 20 and beyond! You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain but give this a go.

You’ve got this! Baby steps!

Infinite blessings,


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