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Have you Heard About Glimmers?⁣⁣

Have you heard about glimmers? They are the opposite of triggers. A glimmer is a tiny micro-moment of happiness; a sign of hope.

Once you begin to look for them, they will start to appear everywhere.

Once we are on our spiritual path, we can become more aware of our triggers, and hopefully work with them. They’re there to show us an area where there can be a lesson, a gift, a new awareness in our evolution.

Sometimes we get so focused on the triggers, we forget about the glimmers! Or the ego/mind can be quick to sideline them, see them as not important, insignificant, not enough, or too small to give importance.

So here is a simple reminder to look for more glimmers in the every day: simple moments of happiness, joy, delight, gratitude, laughter, connection, hope,  peace, etc.

What we focus on grows!

My glimmer today was lying on the forest bed this morning, where I was doing my stretches, looking at the half moon in the sky with lots of thin clouds enveloping it, blue sky, all around.

What was your glimmer/s today?

Infinite blessings,

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