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Broke Through the Control Barrier! Potent plant medicine ceremony!

This past weekend, I led ceremony in a new location, in Albuquerque. The ‘instigator’ of that was Sara, a fiery, 81-year-old, who after witnessing the beautiful shifts in her daughter after she’d come to one of our ceremonies, Sara wanted to experience the plant medicines too.

Due to a lung condition, Sara must be on oxygen and couldn’t come to Taos due to the altitude.

The intention was put out that we’d find a place in Albuquerque and so it manifested!

A wonderful group of people came together, who felt the calling even though the plant medicine world was brand new to many of them.

There was curiosity, hesitation, excitement, doubt, and nervousness. The mantra was: ‘Feel it all and do it anyway!’

It took quite a bit to break through the control barrier that the ego/mind puts up to keep us ‘safe’ or in our comfort zone. But when we can break through it, a whole new world opens up. This is when we can start really tuning into our spirit and heart,  letting them guide the way instead of the mind.

Here are some of the breakthroughs that people received:

⭐being recognized and honored for being a good father, one where his daughters felt safe, protected, and loved by him
⭐surrender & acceptance around challenging relationships
⭐realization that being vulnerable is powerful and radiant
⭐release of pent-up anger; power to speak one’s truth; to receive the love that’s all around
⭐letting go of the pain and fully forgiving
⭐realizing you can’t save others. They have their own journey, and it’s their journey. We aren’t meant to do it for them.
⭐learning to honor one highly sensitive self instead of seeing it as a curse
⭐discovering the root of addictions and beginning to heal
⭐beginning to heal deep childhood trauma
⭐communication with loved ones in heaven
⭐and much more!

Now it’s time to roll up their sleeves, dig in and apply the guidance that was received in ceremony.

That is why I offer one month of integration support post-ceremony to help with that process so that the golden nuggets are not lost.

There is a good possibility we will have a ceremony in Taos on August 19- 20th if we get a few more people to join us and definitely on Sept 9-10th.

If you are feeling the call of the plant medicine or are curious to learn more, send an email or click here for more information.

Infinite blessings,