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Warning to all HSP/Empaths!

In the past six months, I have noticed an increase in my sensitivity, empathic senses and awareness of energies. These have always been strong which help me enormously as a healer and medicine woman.

However, after getting ‘whacked’ with energy again for the 4th time in 1.5 months, it dawned on me that I am becoming even more sensitive and need to up my game around managing my energies.

This is what happened. I spoke to three potential clients, who shared in detail some of the challenges they have going on. In the afternoon, I started coming down with my typical symptoms: headache and nausea. They come on quickly. After yesterday’s ‘whack’, I now know it’s because I have absorbed somebody else’s energy.

I got the sage out, saged myself and the house, called in my spirit team, reset my energy protection tools, and told all the energies/spirits that were not of my highest good to leave immediately.

Within about 20 minutes I went from a very achy head and nausea to feeling 100%. It was confirmation yet again that the empath in me is absorbing way more energy these days and I need to up my game of self-care.

And on the flip side, the higher sensitivity vibes are drawing wild animals and birds in with much more frequency. They don’t run off immediately.

And the best bit, my intuition has gone to a whole new level, requiring a whole new level of trust. Trusting the intuition goes hand in hand with acting upon the intuition, even though it might not make sense.

After this week’s scenario, I realized I need to fine-tune my discernment, boundaries, energy protection tools, and do even more regular clearings on my energy field.

Since so many of my clients are HSP/empaths, I share this message for those who might be experiencing the same thing. Now you know, it’s time to up your game, as well.

Need some support with that? Just reply to this and we’ll be happy to set up a Spirit Reiki Healing Session for you.

Remember, being an HSP/Empath is a gift, not a curse. One just has to manage our energies well to stay bright and radiant.

Infinite blessings,



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