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Negative or Positive Focus? Where You Put Your Focus, Grows.

As the great awakening of humanity continues, there are lots of distractions, and energies we can be pulled into that are heavy and dense. There’s lots of drama, negativity, politics, crisis, war, etc., etc., etc.

Become aware of what you are putting your focus on. Is it negative or positive?

Wherever you put your focus, grows.
Getting all wound up about politics, the financial state of affairs, and climate change, just add fuel to the fire of that arena. The ego/mind loves to do that. Judge, criticize, say how wrong it is, and so on.
If you focus on the positive, the things that light you up, bring you joy, inspire you, and put your energies into things to help bring about the changes you desire then that energy grows.
This is an invitation to beam your light so bright. Be the lighthouse in the storm!

Radiate your light. Radiate your love. Radiate your passion. Radiate your hope.

This is the energy that’s creating the new world of unity, community, love, support, honoring of the feminine and masculine, interconnectedness between the two, and much more.
It sounds like a dream but it’s beginning to emerge and the more we focus on the light instead of the dark, the quicker we will get there.
⭐️Our next Plant Medicine Ceremony is in Taos, Sept 9-10.
⭐️And I’m still looking for a place in the Boulder area where I can hold ceremony. If you have any leads, please email me directly. Thank you!