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“Just Be ” – I don’t need to Do or Know right now!

Yesterday evening we had our 2nd integration call for the plant medicine ceremony held in Taos two weeks ago. This is where everyone shares what has transpired in the weeks since ceremony.

Amanda, one of the participants, was a bit resistant to joining ceremony because of what was coming up for her.

Fortunately, she listened to her intuition and decided to join us.

Through our conversations and shares, she got some beautiful insights which I wanted to pass on because it’s applicable to all of us! In her words:

“Just Be ” – I don’t need to Do or Know right now!

She also got this which she gleamed from another participant’s share:

"Intentionality" - whatever I focus on (be intentional about) will be good and grow!

We can all benefit from the simple yet profound practices. We live in a very busy, action-oriented, do, do, do society. Notice what happens when you stop and just rest and BE.

You’ve heard me say it before but this is the divine feminine energy that we are being invited to balance with the action-oriented masculine energy.

It’s time to just BE!


Infinite blessings,



PS. There are still a few openings left for our Plant Medicine Ceremony in Boulder on June 17. It’s our first themed one: Healing the Mother WoundClick here for more information.