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In my 14 years as a healer, I have observed that most people, particularly women, are crap at receiving, on so many levels such as:

🌟 money
🌟 care
🌟 abundance
🌟 praise

Living under the patriarchal Thumb of ‘Action/Doing,’ we’ve been programmed to think that if we allow ourselves to receive, we are selfish, egotistical, self-serving, a bad person and the list goes on…

Time to blow up that old paradigm! It’s completely out of balance.

Receiving is the divine feminine way and that is the great metamorphosis that is happening right now. We are being given an opportunity to create a balance between the feminine and masculine, instead of masculine/power over the feminine.

So, to help that come into fruition, this is an invitation, with arms wide open, to please allow yourself to receive.

It takes awareness because of the deep programming. Start with baby steps.

For example, fully receive a beautiful compliment that comes your way. Pause before you say thank you! Receive the nutrients of the compliment. Let it expand your container. Then say thank you.

When somebody offers their help whether it be to carry your bags, open the door, offer to take care of your kids for a night,
help you out financially, send you big kudos for the amazing job you’re doing,

RECEIVE all of it!

It takes some practice, but just like a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets.

In the name of the Divine Feminine, please make it your number one priority to receive like never before!

And if you really want to take it to another level, connect with a friend to be each other’s accountability buddy, to share, and celebrate your expanding ability to receive on a daily basis. Have fun with it!

Infinite blessings,

PS. Need help breaking up that old programming so that you can fully receive, feel free to schedule a Spirit Reiki Healing session.

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