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It’s a powerhouse of energy happening for us, quite intense!

The energy asks/demands for awareness of emotions, repressed thoughts that are deeply hidden within that you keep buried because they were too hard to deal with, too scary. Well they might begin to show their beautiful heads for you to work with.

If you are not sure, look at areas in your life where are you triggered or agitated. Start there.

This is not a time for love and light! It’s time to Descend into the shadow, into the murky waters before one can Ascend. It’s death/rebirth; time of the phoenix rising! Ask yourself truthfully what needs to die?

What things have you denied, repressed or hidden emotions, pretended isn’t there but it still lives within you

All of these energies build up over the years and gain power over us. And they will start off gassing, coming out in not so pretty ways. Think of it like something that got forgotten at the back of your fridge, that goes rotten and makes everything smell terrible. You eventually have to clean out your fridge and find what it is and remove it.

That’s quite a blatant example, but our psyche works the same way. This eclipse is here to help us clean out the things that you’ve been repressing and smell really bad.

And part of that is a a grand opportunity to clear karma.

That burden you have carried your whole lifetime, full permission to take it off your back. Become an an alchemist to this! What have you been burden with your lifetime: sickness, addiction, ancestor lineage karma, great opportunity to release it.

And the best part, this lunar eclipse energy is supporting us to do this deep shadow work without falling to pieces. It will bring you into a lighter more peaceful state without that energy clogging up your system. And even better, it’s massive in taking back your power.

Gifts will begin to emerge for you once that old, hidden energy is released. It’s not hard work, just for nothing!

It can unlocked another magical aspect of yourself waiting to be uncovered.

Go to the depths. Make time to go within. Altered states are a great way to work with this energy since that puts the ego/mind by the wayside and allows for deep healing.

The body is so wise and always a good place to tune into and listen to. Since Sunday, I have had nausea, headaches, no appetite, only wanting vegetables and fruit, body aches, needed lots of Epson salt baths, more rest and more time in nature. I did a deep dive with Plant Medicine and since then the body is feeling much better.

And remember these energies don’t just last one day and then are gone. We are working with this energy for at least the next six months! You’ve got this but if you feel you need support, reach out for a Spirit Reiki healing session. We are not meant to be doing all this alone. You are your Highest becoming.


Infinite blessings,


PS. There are still some openings for our upcoming Plant Medicine Ceremony in Taos, New Mexico May 20-21. See link for more info.


~Words inspired by Molly McCord and Sabrina Lyn