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There is an art of being able to surrender to what it is. And when we can, life becomes much easier.

Spirit seems to be giving me more and more opportunities to put this into practice!

In doing this, I’m being asked to FULLY trust, and have a knowing that things are being divinely orchestrated, and will work out for the highest good.

For example, yesterday I boarded my plane in San Fran, expecting to change flights in Denver and be back home in Taos by 8 PM. Wrong!

As we were flying into Denver, there were 60-mile-an-hour winds. We got 50 feet from landing, and then it was close, but no cigar. It was too dangerous to land so we were diverted to Colorado Springs where we sat on the tarmac for 5.5 hrs!

The turbulence was so intense many people got very sick. It was a wonderful opportunity for humanity to work together, helping each other to feel better and keep our spirits high.

Upon finally landing in Denver, I thought I had missed my connection and would have to spend the night in CO. To my delight, the app updated and said that they put me on a later flight!


Despite deep exhaustion, I was excited and grateful as we taxied down the runway. However not just yet! They announced there was a medical emergency and we had to head back to the gate. More delays! Yet another opportunity to continue to surrender!

We finally arrived in Santa Fe at 12:15 PM but I wasn’t done yet. I still had a 2-hour drive home. Armed with chocolate, covered almonds, and a caffeinated drink that the flight attendants blessed me with when they heard about my long trip home, I made it safe and sound. I was beyond grateful to be in my own bed finally!

And to boot, I injured my ankle whilst in CA and had to do all of that via wheelchair and crutches!

I could have cursed and sworn and gotten my knickers all tied up in a knot but I didn’t.

I surrendered.

I prayed to Spirit to help me get home safe and sound, noticed the lovely people I interacted with during the big delays, the support I received being on crutches, and knew all of this was divining orchestrated.

May this story help you surrender and surrender some more, to accept a challenging situation you might be in right now. It’s an art and takes practice but so worth it when you can make it your norm.

Infinite Blessings,

PS. The plant medicines I serve are amazing at helping us surrender and accept what is. Our next ceremony is in Taos, May 20-21. If you are interested, see LINK for more details and info.