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Trouble Having a Hard Conversation? Tips on Doing it a Compassionate Way⁣⁣

As we all know by now, the old paradigm is crumbling and we are being invited into the new. ⁣⁣

The divine feminine is coming back into her power, and the masculine and feminine are learning to work together, instead of power over.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. But we have to start somewhere and we are in the shift now. ⁣⁣
Part of that is learning to communicate in a new way. I’ve been noticing in my world and the world around me, the invitation to set a new standard of communication to bring about much more harmony, growth, and understanding.⁣⁣
Part of that is learning to express ourselves, not from reaction which is the ego doing the talking, but from response. We make a lot more progress when our communication falls on receptive ears instead of deaf ears. ⁣⁣
This means sharing what you really need/want to with much compassion, patience, awareness, surrender, acceptance and boundaries. Letting that lead the way instead of defensiveness, anger, hurt, frustration, etc.⁣⁣

Being an active listener is most beneficial as well, instead of trying to get words in edgewise.⁣⁣

From this place, it’s much easier to express from your heart, with love, compassion, and empathy, whatever the topic is. There is a much higher percentage than what you share can be heard/received by the other/s. ⁣⁣
There are very few models of this out there at the moment. So be patient with yourself as it might be rather bumpy initially, as you learn a new way of expression/communication but it’s so worth it. ⁣⁣
Drop into your heart and let the heart do the expressing rather than the mind/ego when those hard conversations arise. You’ve got this!⁣⁣
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Infinite Blessings,