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Does life is rather tumultuous right now?!⁣⁣

Are you feeling like your life is rather tumultuous right now? Well, know that you are not alone.⁣⁣

I’m not an astrologist, but I always listen to the experts to get the basic gist.

From what I’m learning, March is the biggest month of the year astrologically. We had the spring equinox on Monday, the new moon on Tuesday, and Pluto moving into Aquarius this week. Wherever Pluto sits is where the power is.⁣⁣
Aquarius is the new era that humanity is moving into, after about 2000 years in Pisces. We are being given the opportunity to bring balance between the masculine and feminine, interconnectedness with the community instead of top-down systems, reconnect and honor Mother Earth, and more.⁣⁣
The old ways and systems must crumble to bring in the new. So of course we start with ourselves. And these big energies are here to stir the pot, bringing to the surface things to be looked at, worked with, released, and healed so the new can form.⁣⁣

There’s a lot of death and rebirth energy happening.

This could be with relationships, friendships, work, career changes, etc. See where it’s playing out for you.⁣⁣
We are also getting bombarded with a lot of solar flares, which are very high light vibrations, helping us upgrade, but they can be intense because our system isn’t used to this high vibration.⁣⁣
With all of this big energy, you might have some ascension symptoms manifesting ie: poor sleep, tinnitus, cravings, anxiety, hot flashes, vivid, dreams, mood swings, and memory/appetite loss, just to name a few.,⁣⁣
So my big message is please make self-care a priority! The energies are intense and to get through it all, we need to make sure we’re taking good care of ourselves.⁣⁣
🌟 Time in nature⁣⁣
🌟 Eat healthy, high vibe foods⁣⁣
🌟 Meditate more⁣⁣
🌟 Drink less alcohol⁣⁣
🌟 Drink lots of water⁣⁣
🌟 Take cat naps⁣⁣
🌟 Increase your awareness⁣⁣
🌟 Hold healthy boundaries⁣⁣
🌟 Ask for support⁣⁣
🌟 Receive energy work/healings⁣⁣

Hang in there!

We have another 8 days of particularly big energies. Happy to set up a Spirit Reiki healing session with you if you need some support during this time. You’ve got this!⁣⁣
P.S. Our next Plant Medicine Ceremony is April 22, Earth Day, being held up in Boulder area. See link for more info.⁣⁣