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HSP/Empaths, are you Crap at Holding Boundaries?⁣

With 15 years of working with HSP/empaths, I have seen over and over again, that many people initially come to me, not knowing at all that they are an HSP/empath. ⁣

Or kind of know, kind of acknowledge that they are an HSP/empath but not 100%.

Or they know & wish they could sweep it under the carpet or better yet, make it disappear. ⁣

However, just like if we have brown eyes, we will always have brown eyes. If you’re an HSP you will always be an HSP. It’s not going anywhere. ⁣

It’s also not meant to be a curse, but a gift. However, many don’t see that initially until they can get to a place where they fully embody, embrace and honor their sensitivity. ⁣

To get there, it requires you to manage your energies in a way that keeps other people’s energies out of your energetic field.

This helps keep the nervous system peaceful and calm.⁣

A big piece of that is holding healthy boundaries and confidently doing what is best for you when your energies get big, too much. ⁣

This might sound obvious, but so many HSP/empaths think there’s something wrong with them when they get overwhelmed by other people’s energies. Or that it’s not ok to honor their needs to be comfortable. ⁣

There’s nothing wrong with you. HSP/empaths are just wired differently and have to do things a little differently to keep you centered, grounded, and peaceful.⁣

So, if this resonates with you, please take this as a permission slip to do whatever is needed in your world to keep you nourished and balanced. ⁣

Self-care: taking space, creating alone time, eating high vibe foods, time in nature, and holding strong boundaries are some of the things you can do to stay in or come back to your center.⁣

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