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Really not wanting to visit a challenging family member? How to turn obligation into excitement⁣

Recently, the topic of visiting family members who don’t exactly light you up has been a theme.

You can feel the obligation energies, that you should / must go and pay them a visit, be in their company when it’s really the last thing you want to do.

How do we work with this energy to make it easier and more enjoyable for all of us?

Here are two suggestions:
First, get excited about the visit. Don’t go until you are excited. Otherwise, you’d bring all of that heavy obligation energy with you, which would feel like a big, wet, damp, blanket of energy on the visit. It’s what you’d be emanating so it’d be what you’d attract. Let’s leave that behind.

Think about all the different ways that you can make the visit more enjoyable for yourself. There’s no right or wrong in the way you plan it.

Second suggestion:
Go and see that person and as you walk through the door, just imagine that the only thing you know about them is their name. Period. Leave all the rest behind.

Go with an open heart and curiosity, just as if you were meeting somebody new for the first time.

It takes practice, but you’ve got this!

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Sending cacao-covered blessings!

~ words inspired by The Council channeled by Sara Landon

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