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Cacao is in the Air = Love is in the Air! Sacred Cacao Ceremonies for Women

Cacao is in the air = Love is in the air! That is what the beautiful cacao spirit activates within us.

She comes in with her benevolence and helps us lead more with our hearts, less with our heads, more with love, and less with ego.

In our sacred cacao ceremonies, we drink the delicious ceremonial cacao, set intentions, and flow into the shamanic journey. It’s like an interactive dream with our spirit team including the sacred cacao spirit to receive healing, activations, and guidance around our intentions.

And because we do this in the community, we create a big, potent vortex that lets us move way more energy than if we did it on our own. This is the beauty of a sacred ceremony.

I’m leading not one, but two cacao ceremonies with shamanic journey, in Boulder, next weekend.

One is part of the Spring Chautauqua Women’s Retreat, March 9 – 12!  If you are needing a break, want to be part of sisterhood, be nourished to the core, and journey with the cacao spirit, this might be for you! Plus… they are offering a 10% discount.  Click HERE for more information. If you do choose to join us, use the code CHAUFAM to get the 10% off.

And if you just want a few hours of magic, love, cacao, and community, you might like to join Shine Living Community and me, as we create a wonderous sacred cacao ceremony for women from 11-2 pm on March 12. Click HERE for more information and/or to register.

I look forward to being in ceremony with some of you in a week and a half!

Infinite blessings,


P. S. I will also be leading plant medicine ceremonies in Boulder on March 11 and April 22. See link HERE for more information.