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Freedom to Take up Space. Shamanic Movement/Dance!⁣

I received strong guidance that I must move my body freely to help shift energetic blocks in my body. The movement/dance encourages the creative energies to flow, especially around the integration manual that I am being asked to write. ⁣

And it’s working! I have finally started getting the downloads and writing! Woo hoo!⁣

Movement/dance is one of the oldest, traditional, shamanic ways of moving energy in our body, integrating and opening up the channels for more potential. And it’s so much fun! ⁣
Today I had my second shamanic movement session with Amanda Filipczuk where we did just that, all that I mentioned above, so freeing, fun, and fabulous! ⁣
And one of the gifts was the message, ‘You are free to take up space.’ So many of us dim our light; make ourselves small. Simply moving my body in any way it wanted, in conjunction with the rhythmical music, really gave me a visceral sense of freedom to take up space. Amazing!⁣
After experiencing the potency in just two sessions with Amanda, I decided to make it part of the integration after our plant medicine ceremonies. So for those who are coming to my upcoming ceremonies, you’re in for a real treat! ⁣
Amanda has been a client and friend for years. She has done lots of deep work and is now blossoming into her own as a healer. She is a woman of integrity, so tapped into Spirit and her work is very powerful. ⁣

A few words from Amanda: ⁣

Wow, I am truly so honored to work with Helen in supporting her powerful plant medicine work! ⁣
Whether you love movement already, or it’s all new to you, or (especially!) if ‘dance’ seems a little intimidating, I invite you to move with me. Guided by inner knowing and plant medicine insights, we’ll enliven your mind, body, and spirit to welcome more joy, expression, prayer, gratitude, laughter, love, well-being, insight, confidence, and beyond into your life. A perfect pairing with Helen’s ceremonies, shamanic movement is beyond ‘dance,’ it’s a bridge to your highest vibration. Let’s see what magic unfolds together⁣
You can learn more about Amanda, aka Vibration Maven, via Instagram. Her website is in the making!
Feel free to join us for the weekly shamanic, movement session, and/or work with her privately. ⁣
Infinite blessings!⁣
P.S. our March 11 Plant Medicine Ceremony is just about full so I have opened up April 22. Both ceremonies are in Boulder. See this link if you are interested in learning more or signing up.⁣
PSS: Sacred Cacao Ceremony for Women, March 12, 11-2 pm in Boulder. See this link for more info.⁣