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Part 2 of Plant Medicine Dieta- Wow!

Yesterday I wrapped up my two-week plant medicine dieta with a closing ceremony. I am filled with overwhelming gratitude, love, and joy for these divine teachers: ceremonial cacao, usni, poppy, and amanita.

I was amazed at the things they brought up from my subconscious for me to heal, release, and create new ways of being.

I also felt a lot of gratitude for myself for showing up to do this deep work.

The amanita can be a little shy when you first start working with it. It was that way initially and then we shifted into fifth gear by day three!

It was quite an accelerated experience and just what my soul desired!

The first week was a very deep dive into boundaries and the consequences of having no boundaries, weak ones, and harsh, strict ones. They showed me where to tighten up, soften and expand them beyond my wildest dreams. They also equated boundaries to limiting beliefs!

Tied up in that were energies of shame, rejecting parts of myself, lack of integrity/worthiness, confusion, etc.

And then came forgiveness, self-love, integrity, clarity, release, awakening, power, and deep healing.

I had magical moments of really experiencing how love heals. My heart opened, flooding my body…the most amazing feeling!

And they reminded me with a joyful nudge that my heart would not pop if I expanded it even more!

It was so much that I processed the first week that by the eighth day, I couldn’t imagine taking any more medicine. I was getting a gag reflex! My body was speaking, and saying enough is enough!

So the second week was spent rewiring and recalibrating the body to allow deep physical healing. The amanita can heal bone, tissue, and muscle, and rebalance the microbiome, mycelium, and flora in the gut. Absolutely amazing!

I will definitely be making this medicine, part of my offerings in the future but first I need to continue to build my relationship with it.

The amanitas represent the divine feminine, which is my dharma, to fully embody it. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher, a divine one at that!🤩

Part of this teaching of the divine feminine has been downtime, to disconnect from the busyness, from media, phone calls, friends, and family, to slow down, to go inward, more time in nature, lots of rest, and time to process, integrate and receive.

This divine feminine energy is not promoted or supported in the patriarchal society we live in. But change is upon us, an invitation to create a balance between the two. It’s so needed.

Today I am officially ‘back in the office’. After an entire month off, I feel recharged, transformed, and very open-hearted. I’m excited to experience the integration of all this new energy in my life and the upcoming plant medicine ceremonies!

Speaking of which, the February and March retreats in Taos are full but energies do shift so we have a waiting list. Send us an email if you’d like to be added.

March 11 in Boulder, CO still has openings. Click here if you’d like to learn more or to register.

Infinite blessings,