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Costa Rica Update! 2 weeks and back home early!

I often get asked how to connect with one’s intuition. It requires us to listen, trust and act up the signs, messages and guidance that Spirit brings in.

The intuition is the divine feminine energy. So often there can be no logic in it which is where the doubt comes in.

We have been programmed to ignore our gut feeling. It’s time to change this. Our intuition never leads us astray, unlike the mind.

It requires us to increase our awareness of the signs from Spirit, following them and letting the synchronicity unfold.

This is the magic that has happened in the past two weeks in Costa Rica (CR) as I followed my intuition.

I received guidance to go CR for some much-needed rest and relaxation. It was also a reconnaissance trip to explore the volcano Arenal area.

I wanted to feel into (my divine feminine energy again) if it was a place I’d like to hold retreats.

I was rather surprised that I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ once I arrived since the guidance had been strong.

Arenal area is extremely touristy, very humid, cloudy and rainy. Not my cup of tea, and not where I feel would be nourishing and rejuvenating place for my retreats.

I was scratching my head, wondering why I had been guided there but stayed open, listening to Spirit, to my intuition.

Meanwhile, Polly, one of my clients, heard I was going to CR and got an intuitive hit to connect me with her friends, Joy and Matt, in CR.

We both ‘ just happened’ to be going to Arenal area at the same time. We could have been anywhere in CR and with completely different agendas. But no, Spirit aligned us!

We had three days magical together! Our energies activated each other, bringing fun, clarity, and new possibilities for all of us.

Through lots of conversation with them, it became very clear that I was meant to go to Chirripó area, the highest spot in CR.

It’s a mountain, farming community that has attracted an international assortment of healers, organic farmers, artists, dancers, chocolate makers, qi gong masters etc., living happily and gratefully in this peaceful valley. That sounds like my kind of place!

On my next reconnaissance trip to CR, that will be my destination and we’ll see what unfolds!

And then the writing of the integration manual….

About 1.5 weeks in on my trip, I got the intuitive hit to go home early and do a two-week plant medicine dieta with a very special stain that has been calling me to work with it for over a year.

Plant medicine dieta means taking it every day for a certain amount of time. So the two remaining weeks I was going to be in CR, will now be spent back in Taos, on the mountain, in sacred ceremony!

And the magical alignment continues!

For the first time ever, due a family situation that could have called me back to the States early, I purchased a ticket that I could change. I never do that! I smiled with delight when I realized this.

And to boot, in case the ego/mind thought it could doubt any of this guidance, later that day, I opened my laptop to do a bit of work. It was completely dead!

There was no way I could do any writing with a computer that would not even turn on! Fingers crossed it’s an easy fix!

I share my story with you in hopes that you will also lean more into your intuition, into your divine feminine energy, so there’s more magic in your life on daily basis.

¡Pura Vida!
Infinite Blessings,

P.S. Our Plant medicine ceremonies Feb. 25-26 and March 25-26 in Taos are full!

Due to high demand, I have just opened up registration for ceremony on March 11 in BoulderClick here for more info.