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Off to Costa Rica… For a Month!!!

I’m off to Costa Rica this week for one whole month, wahoo!  I booked a good stint so I could do some writing.

I’ve been guided by Spirit to create an integration manual to support people post plant medicine ceremonies.

Integration is key to getting the most out of a plant medicine ceremony yet so often, it is overlooked. I’m excited to add this manual to our integration coaching.


Thus far, I’ve received some guidance that the manual will be about creating new building blocks, and new structure so participants can keep a toe hold in the brighter awareness they got in ceremony. Love that!


It will help them really feel, ‘Oh that’s worth working towards.’ They’ll learn how to master the energies so they can live a more fulfilling life in Love.

Wow, that sounds amazing and a tall order as I don’t know what the methodology is yet!

I decided it would be best if I did my own ceremony to get the ‘download’ and with that go to Costa Rica and write the manual. I calculated three weeks, leaving the last week for some rest, relaxation and play…..WRONG!


The plant medicines are such amazing teachers. I did ceremony and did NOT get the download…


Instead, I got: ‘Go play, relax, rest, have fun and explore in Costa Rica. Once you are in the high vibe, divine feminine energy, then we might give you the download for the manual. You must be in the receptive receiving energies of the divine feminine first.’


And so it is. I laughed at myself at how I was in the ‘doing’ masculine energy and had decided I must work first and then play, relax, and rest.

The plant medicines turned it all on its head! Brilliant!

May we all learn from this. Please give yourself permission to stop the busyness and take time to rest, play, relax, laugh and explore, putting you in the high vibe of magical, divine feminine energies.


More next week from Costa Rica, Pura Vida!


Much love and light,


PS. Our Plant Medicine Ceremony Feb 25-26 is full but I have just opened up registration for ceremony March 25-26 in Taos, NM. 

Photo by Quentin Lagache on Unsplash