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Painful Message from the Spirits…Request for Sacred Reciprocity⁣

Last week I had a very uncomfortable energetic message from the land and water spirits at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs. I was there for the afternoon, initially enjoying the soak but I became increasingly nauseous and headachy.⁣

At the end of three hours, I felt like my head was going to explode and I purged just before getting into the car.

It was so painful. On the drive home, as I held my throbbing head, I tuned into Spirit asking why this was happening as I was pretty sure it was energetic.⁣

Yup, sure enough, I received a strong message from the land and water spirits at Ojo Caliente that things were out of balance. There are lots of taking, taking and taking and no giving back to the water and to the land spirits that provide the sacred Hot Springs. ⁣

They weren’t happy and they made it clear to me. I asked how I could remedy this and they asked me to make weekly offerings to them which I am more than happy to do. The 2nd photo above are the offerings for them today. ⁣

99% of us can’t see the spirit realm but they are real and very much here with us. I can feel them and they made themselves very known to me last week at Ojo Caliente.

Tending to the Spirits / Sacred Reciprocity.⁣

In our culture, this doesn’t really exist. However, in many other cultures, their traditions and religions, include tending to the spirits.⁣

What do I really mean by this? The land, air, wind and water spirits, fairies, angels, light beings, power animals, etc. The list goes on. They are constantly helping and supporting us.⁣

To give back to them is sacred reciprocity. In Peru, Anyi is the Quechua word for this and is practiced on a daily basis by the native people. I witnessed it in Bali where they make offerings to the spirits at least twice a day, if not more. You have to watch where you’re walking in the streets so that you don’t step on offerings! ⁣
I have experienced over and over and over again the power, the love, the energy that is created when we make offerings to the spirits. They truly feel and receive the love and gratitude that come from us when we make offerings of sacred reciprocity.

This is why I make daily offerings, as well as lots of offerings during our plant medicine ceremonies.⁣

I share all of this as an invitation, whether you can feel, see, sense or none of the above, please consider making offerings in some way back to Spirit for all that they do for us. Here are a few simple suggestions:⁣

🌟 a simple prayer of gratitude daily⁣
🌟 sing them a song⁣
🌟 share some of the food with them that you prepare for your meal⁣
🌟 create a more elaborate offering, like the ones in the photos above⁣
🌟 light a candle, burn incense, offer them a drink⁣
🌟 something, anything done with love and gratitude will be received in love and gratitude. ⁣

Just like a loving relationship, the more they feel tended to, the more they want to give and share back. It really is a win-win situation, true sacred reciprocity,⁣

Many blessings,⁣

PS. We will be teaching the little ones about this in our upcoming Cacao Ceremony for Kids (and their parents) on Nov. 27 in North Boulder, 9:45am-12:15pm. Come join us in the magic of ceremony! ⁣

PSS: Lots of offerings are made in our Plant Medicine Ceremonies which help make them a powerful place for healing and transformation. The Nov. 5 ceremony is full however there are still a few opening left for our ceremony in Taos Dec. 3-4.