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Being Emotional, a Negative?

No! Full permission to have your emotions!

I hear it a lot from my clients, many HSP and empaths, that they have been made wrong or shamed for expressing their emotions. Many weren’t allowed to have emotions when they were little – anger, sadness, fear, excitement….

all simply shut down.⁣

Women are often called all sorts of names when they get emotional when it makes someone else uncomfortable. Men are told they can’t have them. It’s not manly. ⁣

Societal programming has dictated what is acceptable and being in touch with our emotions isn’t part of that. It’s time to change that. ⁣

Your emotions are part of you and they're telling you something. ⁣

🌟 It’s ok if the floodgates open with tears of sadness.⁣

🌟 It’s ok if you are bouncing off the walls with excitement.⁣

🌟 It’s ok if the anger is simmering below the surface and needs to be expressed.⁣

This is an invitation to welcome your emotions, all of them, not making any of them wrong, bad, or not ok.⁣

Notice what is happening to your body with the emotion.⁣

Dig in. Discover what the emotion is trying to tell you.⁣

This takes awareness. It’s a process. Be gentle and patient with yourself. ⁣

Happy emoting! ⁣

Many blessings,⁣