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Want to accelerate your spiritual path 100-fold?

What a year of ceremonies! The profound healing, transformation, expansion and community that I’m witnessing is breathtaking!

On Monday, we had our 2nd integration call for our ceremony from two weeks ago. Here are some of the fab things that are coming from the ceremony:

🌟Goodbye to self-doubt

🌟Magical synchronicity


🌟New friendships; a sense of community

🌟Feeling more at home with oneself, instead of feeling lonely

🌟Curiously exploring the new gift of channeling light language

🌟Emotional cleansing

🌟Allowing oneself to fully grieve

🌟Major voice activations for singing, channeling and speaking one’s truth

🌟Letting go

🌟Exciting new opportunities

The medicines are wise, intelligent, benevolent, loving and bring in exactly what you need. They can accelerate one’s spiritual/healing journey by 100-fold!

I’ve been asked many times this year when I would be holding a ceremony in magical Taos.

Well, it's happening! Our last ceremony of the year will be on December 3 in Taos.

The plant medicine often calls you. If you are feeling it, here is an invitation to come join us. Send us an email or DM and we’ll share more information about it.

I look forward to seeing some of you here in beautiful Taos in December!


Many blessings,