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A Mother who Heals Herself, Heals her Children

In one of our recent plant medicine ceremonies, I worked with Sophie, a young woman who was being asked to simply have gratitude for her mother, with whom she had very little contact.

Initially, the channeled message invited her to forgive her mom: let go of the wrong doings, the hurts. This would set her free from it all.

Forgiveness doesn’t condemn what the other person did. However by forgiving another or yourself, allows you to set yourself free from the pain.

The 2nd part of the message was to feel gratitude for her mama for bringing her into this world. If it hadn’t been for her mama, Sophie wouldn’t be here. The act of Gratitude is simple yet extremely powerful.

The 3rd part of the channeled message was if Sophie did this, she would step into her power in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Most of us in that ceremony had some level of mother wounding. We could relate and we all receive the messages, healing that the light language and energy work brought in for Sophie, for all of us.

This is the beauty of ceremony, we all help each other in our healing, transformation and ascension.

I share this message so that if you have a mother or father wound, start the forgiveness process. Take the ‘backpack’ off. Add in gratitude for them for bringing you into this world, and begin to enjoy the freedom this brings.

The ego/mind likes to keep score and come up with all the reasons they wronged you and why it’s not ok to forgive or have gratitude. That is just the ego talking. Our goal is not to let the ego be running the show, but our spirit/soul.

A mother who heals herself, heals her children.

A father who heals himself, heals his children. 

Need some support with this? Our next plant medicine ceremony is Nov. 5 in Boulder, CO.

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Many blessings of love and light,