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Self Worth vs. Self-Love: I finally got an understanding of them both!⁣⁣

By September 29, 2022Cacao, Cacao Ceremonies

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between self-worth and self-love? I certainly have.

The other day I listened to Sara Landon’s channeled message from The Council and I got my answer.

Self-worth – knowing yourself as Spirit/God/Source/Ultimate highest being. You are that, Divinity.

Nothing can threaten your worthiness. Never deny it for any reason. Know yourself as Spirit.

Self-love – treat yourself as Spirit. Love and care for yourself like you are Spirit/God/Source/Ultimate highest being because you are.

Just like you take care of a baby, your pet, a person you adore; the way you care, nurture, feed, love, treat, talk to them….DO THAT FOR YOURSELF!

Here’s an example of where we can slip up on the self-love front. Parents make their kids Spirit/God/Source/Ultimate highest being. They want the best things for them and do everything to make that happen. However, parents forget themselves and then wonder why they are worn out, exhausted, eat poorly, etc.

You can apply this example to any area of your life where you are pouring way more into others, a job, a project, etc, and not giving yourself the same amount of TLC.

The best gift you could give to your kids is to be the example of self-love and self-worth! As you know, they take your example and run with it!

Speaking of which, we have a few spaces left for our Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey for Kids this Sunday in N. Boulder. The parent will get just as much out of it. I’m collaborating with these amazing ladies, Jessica and Jill Emich of Shine Living Community, so fun!

Cacao is all about love! Come join us to expand our self-worth and self-love!

Many blessings,