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Surrender, It’s powerful! Give it a go!

This past weekend, in our Plant Medicine Ceremony, one of the common themes that came up was Surrender.

It’s what I say often at the beginning of ceremony if a participant is battling with the ego/mind.

‘Surrender to the medicine and there is magic on the other side. Just trust and let go.’

It’s our resistance to what is that causes our discomfort.

And when we do this, we are in victim energy:

Why me?

~ This isn’t fair

~ This shouldn’t be happening

~ That person is terrible to me

~ What they did wasn’t good enough

~ It’s not ok that I never became a mother

~ It’s not ok that I’m sick

And on and on

When we can fully surrender to ‘what is’, that is when the transformation starts.

This is when you are on your way to setting yourself free from pain/discomfort.

Notice what in your life you are resisting, not accepting it the way it is for whatever reason. Start opening your heart to simply surrendering and accepting what is. It can be a process and that is ok.

Plant medicines can help really help speed up the process so if you are ‘fighting’ something and you just simply can’t, consider joining us on Oct. 1 for our last ceremony of the season in Boulder.  Send me a DM or email for more information.

Happy Surrendering! It’s powerful! Give it a go!