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Delighting in the Fruits of my Hard Work: Commit 100% to You & Watch the Universe Align⁣⁣

So worth the hike up to Ausangate Mt. at 14,000 ft where we did more clearings, offerings and received activations!

It’s been five weeks since my return from Peru. Wow, I’m delighting and truly savoring the fruits of all my hard work, effort, willingness to ‘go there’, deep digging and pushing beyond the comfort zone. It was such a transformational trip.

When we really make that commitment to ourselves, to make the shifts required to Let Your Divine Shine, then Spirit/Universe/Source/God hears that message and aligns with what is needed to access/bring in the new manifestations, the new energies.

We are in such potent, energetic times right now. We are being given the opportunity to really receive upgrades and access our gifts and new energies that are only just becoming accessible within the higher consciousness that humanity is shifting into.

It does require you to do your ‘work’, go inward, to listen to the heart, to your soul, not the ego. There can be a lot of resistance but if you keep your eye on the goal, you will be fully supported.

Since Peru, there is more joy, love, magic, synchronicities, things coming to me ‘out of the blue’. The Spirit Reiki healings and ceremonies have gone to a whole new level. The way I’m connecting with Spirit has expanded 5 levels! It’s what I’ve been asking, praying and working towards and so grateful to be enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I share this so that you know it’s possible for you too. If I can do it, so can you!

Happy to support you via Spirit Reiki Healing sessions, Mentorship or Plant Medicine Ceremonies. Ceremony this weekend is full but the next one is on Aug. 27 in Boulder.

And if you have a little one you’d like to expose to the beauty/benefit of ceremony, we have a Cacao Ceremony for Kids on Sunday, Aug. 7 from 10-12 PM. The parent will get just as much out of it as the child!

Send me an email/DM if you are interested in joining us.


Much love and light,