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Grief…a Taboo Word for You? Processing the Grief bring the Joy again⁣⁣

Grief…it can be a bit of a taboo word for many in our culture. Yet we’ve all experienced grief at some point in our lives. It’s part of the human experience.

Some cultures recognize and acknowledge that going through the grieving process is much needed for us to fully heal and integrate the loss of a loved one, relationship, job, big life change, not becoming a parent, end of a big chapter, empty nest, etc.

Since our culture does not really honor the rights of passage of grief, there are many who have it stuck in their energy field, clogging up the works!

Grief Altar

Two years ago, I had a channeled session with the Kontomble (nature spirits) who gave me very detailed instructions on making a grief alter. It had to have seashells, sand, ocean water and two pieces of amber.

I was to put it on my main altar and always have it in ceremony. They said the altar would trigger grief for those in need of grieving but had not fully done so. It would also trigger grief that one’s ancestors were still holding on to that needed to be felt, embraced, healed and integrated.

I’ve witnessed this over and over again in our plant medicine ceremonies, the grief after doing what it’s here to do.

People finally cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. They let their heavy heart fully feel the grief. They embrace it, acknowledge it and finally set themselves free from it.

Sometimes the ego/mind makes us think that we will disintegrate and fall apart if we fully open our hearts to the grief but much to the contrary.

The Kontomble explained that the beauty of grieving is that it brings the salty tears of the ocean which then eventually brings pure tears of joy.

The plant medicines I serve are both heart medicines hence they are very loving in the grieving/healing process.

If you know you have some grieving to do, you might consider our next Plant Medicine Ceremony on Aug. 6 in Boulder, CO. Feel free to email me if you’d like more information.


Sending much love and light,



PS: If you feel you can’t dive into grief in a group setting, I do offer 1:1 private Plant Medicine Ceremonies.

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